Tedx Sanaa, We Need More of You!

On 31, 12, 2012 an explosion of success, creativity, and inspiration hit the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. The first Tedx event in Yemen, which took place at The Movenpick Hotel, was a great success. “I don’t think that I ever dreamt several years later somewhere like Yemen will use the platform to inspire change” said the Ted curator Chris Anderson in a video message.

At a time where the country is going through political turbulences, and sectarian arguments; Tedx Sanaa came with a breeze of fresh air. Unlike other conferences taking place in the country, Tedx did not have a political agenda, and focused on innovation, creativity, and hope. It was entertaining, educational and covered many important issues in a light hearted and practical manner.The amount of talents, knowledge, and experiences that were shared were remarkable and extremely valuable.

A series of contradicting emotions took over the audience as we listened; we laughed, cried, and clapped.There were 19 speakers that covered many important issues such as illiteracy, water preservation, Yemeni identity, ..etc. These speakers shared their personal stories, provided practical knowledge, and were a great way to showcase a small percentage of Yemeni talents.

“Act in spite of your fear, when you get to the other side of fear, you will find great rewards” said Bushra Al Mutawakel a Yemeni photographer who broke many cultural taboos such as marrying outside the Hashmi family, perusing photography as a career, and using herself in her artwork.  I will leave you to watch this video & will post some of the Tedx Sanaa videos I liked in the near future.


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