Tough Cookie: Crucial win for Manchester United 2-1 Against Arsenal

Manchester needed to win while Arsenal wanted revenge.

After 7 yellow cards, a twisted ankle, banged head, many substitutions, and lost goals Manchester United won in this afternoon’s game against Arsenal. What a relief for ManU; as this leaves them only three point behind Manchester City.

The real game kicked off 20 minutes after the start of the game. ManU had a better control of the ball during the first half. Antonio Valencia scored a striking goal few minutes before the first half ended.

Arsenal came back strong in the second half but did miss a couple of good opportunities to score.  While Tierry Henry watched from a distance after failing a fitness test; Van Persie came to life scoring Arsenl’s only goal from 15 yards. The scores changed when Danny Welbeck gave his team the winning goal in the 70th minute

After having competed in the Champion league for 14 seasons Arsenal face the probability of not qualifying.

There were beautiful tackles and great defense moves.

Best Goal: Valencia scoring the first goal for his team during injury time..Thanks to the remarkable cross delivered by Ryan Giggs

Best Defense Moment: Per Mertesacker preventing ManU to score on an empty goal

Technically Manchester United played a remarkable game, and deserved the win. Rooney surprisingly had a very minimal influence on the game so the question remains: Where was Rooney?










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