Don’t Blame Technology, We Choose to use it

A man spends hours climbing a mountain just to get phone reception; this scene from the film “The Boy Mir, 10 years in Afghanistan” constantly plays in my head. It made me think of the extent some people would go in order to use “Technology”. People drive for hours just to get Internet connection in order to share their views and pictures of what’s happening with the rest of the world. Others cue for days just to get their hands on an IPhone and some are just keen on buying every new item in the market.

Fighting Tech

Our Obsession with technologies is it really out of need, or have we just become more reliable, and maybe a bit too lazy. Technology has transformed our lives, but I do believe that we are becoming weaker,  too dependent, and somehow addicted.

When I used to see someone older resisting using a mobile phone, or social network, I used to get surprised, why would someone not want to make things less complicated for themselves. My father refuses to write directly on a computer, he has to use a notepad. A friend of mine refuses to get a Facebook , my friend’s mom will not accept the idea of having a phone , and I’m sure you can think of few people you know who do that.

New can sometime be scary! While some people don’t want to follow the trends, others fear not being able to keep up, and some can’t be bothered to learn how to use them. Although I don’t believe that resisting is the way to go, learning how to operate different forms of Technology on a basic level can be more than enough. However, I understand that they don’t want to be sucked into a world where technology drives our lives.

I surely can’t see myself living without Internet, my phone, and my camera, but once upon a time many of us did. I think we choose to erase this from out memory like it never existed or simply say “I don’t how we lived without…..” (Fill in the blank)

I remember a time where I was doing math calculations in my head, now I can’t even work out 7×6 without using a calculator. I used to know everyone’s number by heart, now I only know my parents numbers. Growing up, if I didn’t have to call them every now and then, tell them where I was, or I’ll get in trouble, I think their numbers would have evaporated with the rest.

An old friend was talking on the phone and was given a number; she instantly made hand gestures that I understood immediately. She wanted me to grab my phone from my bag, give it to her so she can save the number; then and there I had a flashback. The same incident happened 5 years ago, only that time she asked me to memorize the first few digits while she memorized the rest. And when the same incident happened 7 years ago, she memorized the number on her own. This made me realize that the shift between relying on our brains less is relatively new.

Technology eating up our brain cells

Technology is great, it made our lives easier in so many ways, made communication more efficient;  it gave us the world in the palms of our hands. But many concerns were raised linking brain damage, tumors, headaches, muscle pain to radiation exposure from microwaves, cell phones, heaters…etc. There are many apposing research studies, but what I know is that anything that is used excessively will eventually harm you.


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