A Night with #ColdPlay in the O2 Arena, London

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“This was F****ing Fantastic” Chris Martin’s own words, and I couldn’t have agreed more. Just when I thought nothing could top off Coldplay’s performance in Abu Dhabi, Coldplay came to London and knocked me off my Feet.

Wowohoo Wowowhooo this what the crowd was singing all night, from the moment the concert started until each person disappeared into a train or a taxi.

The O2 arena was packed, I have never seen as much people in my life. The concert was on the edge with the Glow in the Dark theme, laser work, swearing, throwing guitars, and a Hell a lot of jumping.

The Rock Star Monkey with the most amazing voice Chris Martin; filled the entire hall with his energy. He was running up and down the stage, jumping, laying flat on stage, playing piano, dancing funny and just Rocking Away. I must say he’s pretty fit, he was competing with the Speed Runner, and our eyes were trying to catch him every time he ran!

Even Jonny sang, and he rarely does!! “Paradise” one of their latest tracks was literally a song from Paradise.  We were on our feet waiting for our All-Time Coldplay favorites like “Clocks” “The Scientist”. I wasn’t surprised that “Yellow” was played early in the concert because back in 2009  in Abu Dhabi; the song was also played early.  As corny as this may sound, but my heart melted when I heard “Fix you”. 

“They make me wanna go to Rehab, but I said No NO NO” They even sang a bit of the Amy Winehouse song in their own style.

Sprinkles, and thick colored mashes were flying on stage sometimes hiding the band. Of course the trademark, which is a classic Coldplay move is the Balloons.

The one thing that I don’t understand in ALL Concerts is when they say Good bye, leave the stage, then come back for 2 or 3 songs. We all know what happens, and it’s getting old. For seven years now, this move was done in almost every single concert I’ve gone to. Don’t get me wrong I never wanted them to leave the stage, I’m just saying, we need a new trend.

Chris Martin was thanking us all night “Thank you for giving me the best job” “Thank you for giving us your Friday night” “Thank you for coming here through all the traffic, and buying the tickets, and all the S*** you had to go through, we appreciate it”

So down to earth!

Coldplay I’m Speechless

To All My friends who are going to see them on NewYears in Abu Dhabi : Prepare yourself for an Extra Ordinery Night 😉

“I will be posting videos, and better pictures soon”


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