Techno Social Network Addict

Do we need to be doing something all the time?? Can’t we just do Nothing?

I was sitting with some friends, I noticed that each one of us had her Iphone or Blackberry and was talking to someone somewhere else in the world.

When did Away become a priority to whose actually sitting with you?

Nothing is Rude Anymore 

Picking up a phone call, or messaging while having a conversation with someone is Not considered rude anymore. Although the older generation disagree, a huge percentage of the younger generation don’t seem to mind being interrupted while socializing, eating, even while being in the bathroom

Might as well stay home and talk to my phone all day, I smile, laugh, get angry all looking at my phone. My mom always tells me that I waste so much time on my blackberry, I  thought she was exaggerating until I actually tried it one day…


Are you one or (ALL) of those? Be Honest…

  • You spend more time on your computer or phone than with your family?
  • You have more friends on Twitter and Facebook than in real life?
  • You went Bananas when the Black Berry server went down?
  • You would prefer to hangout in a coffee shop or restaurant that has Internet?
  • You don’t remember the last time you called a friend just to chat?
  • You rely on BBM or Whatsup to contact friends or family …Phone calls restricted to mom and dad?
  • You keep looking at your phone every 5 minutes?
  • You Text and Drive?
  • Your phone sleeps under your pillow?
  • Use the @ and # outside twitter ?
  • You a member of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linked in, Tumbler …etc.?

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, congratulations you are a Social Technology Addict!

To our generation, this has become a way of life. Others are trying to understand the big fuss around social networks, criticizing those who are excessively on to it.

With this fast moving environment and globalization we are becoming more and more impatient. We need to know everything, and we want to know it Now.

The need to reach the other side of the wire fast is becoming the ultimate goal of organizations and individuals. When you send an email, you expect it to be checked as soon as possible, news today reach millions and get updated constantly online, even BBM and IPhone users can see if the other person has read their message.

Everyone expects the other to reply immediately without considering any other factors. Any reply that may take longer than half an hour may irritate you. How many times have you heard or read “It’s Urgent”

New Technology has made it possible for us to express ourselves and share our views to the world But do we have to express every single minute of the day?? Does everyone need to know where we eat, where we go, what we do 24 hours a day??


Social networks have changed the ways we interact with each other enormously. One thing that has changed dramatically is the concept of meeting people. I predict that we will eventually face the risk of loosing our social skills outside the Cyber-World.

In the next few years they will be classifying the habit of using phones and social networking excessively as a disease. I wonder what type of medicines and therapy would be used to cure this type of addiction.

Balance, Balance, and more Balance; live your life and not someone else’s, and always remember that technology is there to serve you, not to use you.


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