Mabrook Yemen ?

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BBMs, messages, e-mails all carrying the same message “Mabrook (Congrats) Yemen” were coming in non-stop, I couldn’t help but feel a major excitement accompanied by some fear.

It’s a big day for Yemen, and I can’t help but pray for a better future. Yemen has been going through revolutions and instability all throughout its history, and it’s time for the country to breath again. The 30 days countdown has started!

After failing to sign the GCC agreement several times, finally it happened. The president has stepped down. The smartest one so far, taking in consideration what happened to his fellow Arabic rulers.

Yemen has been Scarred.

Now that Ali Abdulla Saleh is gone, the country will have to live throughout everything that was enforced during his long lasting rule.

The idea of him leaving with immunity is difficult to digest especially to people who were directly affected by the government’s actions. Protestors are furious about giving Saleh exemption; they want Justice. People have been killed, businesses have been shut, and the sounds of explosions and bullets still echo in the streets.


  • If he didn’t get immunity he would have never let go of the power.
  • What happened to Saddam Hussein, Husni Mubarak, and Moammer al Qathafi hit people at a sensitive chord. At the end of the day the public are human, and watching someone being executed on Eid, or trialed while sick, or had his corpse disoriented caused nations to sympathize with people who maybe don’t deserve “Sympathy”.
  • Taking him to court might satisfy many protestors, but what’s the worst he can face.
  • It will cause more violence and division which might lead to a civil war

Saleh Supporters:

  • We need Yemenis to be unified, we need to remember that all who stood with him are still Yemenis, and the fact that they had a different opinion doesn’t make them our enemies.
  • They were left behind, he let go of them in order to secure himself. Betrayal is the strongest message to be put across.
  • Putting him on trial will portray him as their Hero in their eyes
  • They need to understand that as Yemenis our loyalty is to Yemen and not to a president.

Tough lessons have been learnt and Moving forwards is key. We need to learn from what happened in Iraq and not let our differences cuase more hostility. It’s a warzone between Shiaa and Sunni, and we don’t want a war zone between pro and Anti.

It’s heartbreaking when people look back at a time when a dictator ruled and say Those were the days.  I never want to hear that the country was better in the rule Ali Saleh.

The Leader is always to be blamed

As a person who is holding a Yemeni passport Ali Abdulla Saleh did not give me value between other nations. We prove ourselves try to lift our country down, and the government shuts us down. We are very much looked down on, and I blame him.

It’s all about the Leader, the people can only do so much. A Leader with a vision makes it and a leader with greed breaks it.

When 70% of the population are under the age of 30 and the majority families of families have to live with less than 10 dollars a month, you start questioning what he was doing all this time!

Almost every politician/ruler/leader takes advantage of his position and channel the power in his hands to serve his own needs but Life is Give and Take, If you “Steal” at Least Feed.

So Much Potential 

We have everything and he has turned it into a Nothing. We had universities when no other gulf country had, we have natural resources, we have a diversified climate that enables us to grow Anything & Everything, we have beautiful islands, We Have We Have  We Have….

If Yemen just focuses on tourism, I can confidently say it would take-out many other cities.  It has the potential to become a pioneer touristic hub if officials pay attention to this sector.  It has a distinctive preserved culture, and can target a wide segment. Everything a tourist might want is there: mountains, beaches, monuments, history, good food, and adventure.

If other cities were able to emerge out of sand and make it big, one can only imagine where Yemen can reach.

Check out some great pictures from Yemen on


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