Seif Al Islam Locked Up- His Look A Likes Can Relax

Seif Al Islam who was said to be “Like Father Like Son” or even slightly worse was captured . But looks like he will not be facing the same fate as his father. He is held now at the town of Zintan and is set to be kept there “Safely” until he under goes a fair trial.

The Libyan Interim Prime Minister ensured that Seif who was on the run for 3 months will be getting the trail he deserves. The reveloutionary fighters caught him in the sothern desserts as he was trying to flee the country ( said to Niger).

Barbaric, quick, unbalanced reactions create sympathy for poeple who don’t deserve it (Saddam Hussein, Husni Mubarak , Qathafi) Therefor a fair trial is crutial in this case. Having him face all the crimes he and his father committed will have a strong visual and emotional effect on the people of Libya.  There isn’t an enough sentence that would makeup for everything he committed, as the worst he can face is execution.

As Libya celebrated today, I couldn’t help but think of all the Seif-Al Islam look a likes – my cousin is one of them. The huge resemblance between him and Seif gets him awkward looks on the streets. Even I  I would have looked twice if I just saw him somewhere in London.

Seif in the Middle- Cousin on the sides 

As this marks a big day for Libya, I hope the future of the country holds stability. As things move fast, I think it’s important to look how Tunis is taking their country forwards, positivity is in the air.


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