Your Charm on

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The Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘charm as a power used to please or attract. My preferred account tends to highlight the expedience in using one’s own charm to uphold a particular level of desired beauty or esteem. In doing so, however, one may tend to sensationalize its importance as a human characteristic; dimming its shortcomings while emphasizing its supremacy as a donor to the human appearance.

Customarily dubbed as the “technological generation”, people have developed a tendency to sculpt the desired level of physical norm held by substantial amounts of members of society. The way we look, dress, hold ourselves, or even think, has all been encroached on us by the media, as well.

We are led to accept as true the belief system that, with charm comes beauty and with wealth comes power; a conviction upheld by incalculable amounts for it stirs the very foundation that our social culture relies upon.

When a certain unnamed scholar crafted the saying that was to advocate all presentations of beauty and selfless love, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, little was he to know the imprint it left upon the subconscious of all those humble enough to recognize the beauty of a natural, untainted being.

Judging a book by its cover has hoodwinked many-a-haughty person and will forevermore, until people take the initiative to look beyond a person’s façade to the brilliance that is the human soul.

Become one with yourself in mind, spirit and body, and your inner beauty with indubitably shine through. How could one expect to govern a crowd if they are incapable of controlling their appearance? Allow your inner self to be echoed through your appearance and mannerisms.

Adorn outfits that reflect your individuality and distinctiveness as a member of your community and society. We all owe it to ourselves to be the best that is in our nature to be.

One does not need to necessarily “dress to the tee” to be in a position that commands respect and attention, for that aura is artlessly present once you believe you are license to such a prerogative.


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