No Way Out – London Shootings

Tonight South London witnessed horrific shootings.  A family lost their youngest son to a Gang related crime. The boys went to a friend’s funeral only to be startled by gunshots that left one boy injured and a 21 years old boy dead (to my knowledge). Hearing the news of a shooting incident on the news was like any other story, that is until my cousin got a text that her friend’s brother might have been one of the boys shot.

Phone calls, texts did not stop trying to find out what was a happening, hoping the boy would be found alive. It was a 50/50 he could have been the one hospitalized, but he wasn’t. When something like this happens to someone who’s somehow connected to your circle; this is when it hits hard.

Where and how do these boys get their guns and knives from? Where are the authorities??

Where is this gang culture going to reach, taking away innocent lives! It’s a No-Way Out Circle.

May God give the family of the boy the strength to get through these hard times.


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