Go Shallow & Get People Reading

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in” Amy Lowell (1875-1952)”. Everything I create reflects me as a person, my experiences, and everything that comes in between.

When I choose to read an article in a newspaper or a magazine, I pause, and try to find out what is it that made me stop was it the topic, an interesting visual or a strong headline.

In the 50’s people started to rely more on visuals, what attracted them was the picture, the color, even text had to be smartly composed to attract attention.Generalization with full awareness that there are exceptions, we are people that rely heavily on visuals; we simply don’t read, as much as we see.

The first thing that attracts us is not the content, but it’s the surface “The Look”. I am one of these people, if a page, a poster, a headline did not grab my attention most probably I would not read it. Yes the content is very important, but we live in a very fast world where no one seems to have enough time to read a whole newspaper or a magazine.

We choose everything, what we wear, what we eat what we read, a privilege that we sometimes take for granted. The content is like the personality, if you don’t know a person, all you see is his appearance. The content is the core, and it would be a shame not to appreciate good writing just because it didn’t have makeup on.

A lot of effort is made by writers to gather information, express their thoughts, and get their message across. The same effort should be put on the layout because it’s the bridge that connects the content to the reader.

Making layouts attractive in order to get the reader’s attention has received many criticism; they call it a ”bait” used to trick the reader. I totally disagree; if you write the most amazing article, but if no one reads it then it’s a waste. If you have something to say, make an effort to reach out to people, plus there is nothing wrong with some eye-candy!

A strong visual with the right headline can draw the reader to the page. Once the reader is on the page, the responsibility lies on the writer to keep the reader hooked.

The human brain goes through millions of messages a day.  We are bombarded with all sort of information all day and out of 10000’ 10 get noticed. When a reader flips through a page it only takes few seconds for a message to make an impact. These few second are crucial, they determine whether the reader will stop, and read or flip through it like it never existed.

Sometimes, thinking shallow is not really that bad. 


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