What’s that staring back at me?

It was late, dark, cold, and silent. We had just finished shooting a story, ready to go back home and get few hours of sleep. Yawning, walking slowly down Weymouth Street, there it was staring right back at us. It was bigger than a cat, smaller than a cow, could have been a dog if it didn’t have those pointy ears and long tail. A FOX!!! In a split of a second, Adrenalin rushed through my body, we didn’t even say a word. We walked so fast trying so hard not to run, fearing if we run, it would chase after us.

To me foxes exist in woods, farms, or zoos, not in the middle of a residential area, but apparently in London this is common.

Different Friends reaction to the fox encounter:

Friend from Saudi: OMG!! A real Fox? Did he attack? Run after you? What happened? Did you take a picture? Don’t you ever walk at night!!

Friend from London: yeah they usually wander around garbage bins.

The more I talked to people in London about it, the more surprised I was with their cool. What if it attacks someone? That night I felt a sense of responsibility to warn people in the area, the guilt evaporated after knowing that seeing a fox is actually no big deal. Not many fox attacks have been reported, but the ones reported mostly involved attacks on children. It seems like food leftovers, cats, chickens, and kids are the most attacked. 

Is it a matter of getting used to their existence in the environment the same way we got used to cats and dogs? Although I don’t think this is something I can get used to, I hope I never get to see a fox out in the street.

Be Safe,


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