There is no such word as obstacle!

We see a wall and think dead end, we simply turn and go the other way. To them the wall is not standing in their way, it’s a platform to go beyond. I go on the roof, stand on the edge, look down at the streets, and go back the way I came from. They don’t, they see the roof as stairs ; the gaps between buildings as invisible paths, you see no hesitation in their minds therefore no hesitation in their actions.

Everything  we think of as an obstacle they think of it as a way. Who are ‘they’? They… are the ones who practice Le Parkour – the art of movement. This movement which started in the French urban areas has become a global movement.

Parkour -is basically a physical discipline inspired by human movement focusing on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles.  Participants attempt to pass obstacles in the fastest and most direct manner possible, using skills such as jumpingvaulting and climbing. The obstacles can be anything in one’s environment. The Mojo is Adapt your movement to any given obstacle.

What is really fascinating about Parkour is the philosophy behind it. It’s more than just a sport; it’s a way of living and a state of mind. It is all about overcoming obstacles, looking for new paths and seeing the world in a different way. It is basically a combination of using physical agility and quick thinking to get out of difficult situations. Life is full of obstacles and challenges and to overcome them we need determination. In Parkour there is no such thing as obstacles, there is always a way… the function of each object you come across changes.

Freedom achieving the impossible going where no human has ever been before

Watching people practice Parkour is unbelievable; it is like watching a real Spiderman on public roofs, balconies, staircases, walls, and buildings. For those who practice this sport, the world is their play ground!

As Parkour is becoming more and more recognized by the media across the world, interest in the discipline and its core values is growing rapidly. Parkour has appeared in various television advertisements, movies, news reports, and entertainment pieces. The moves of Parkour are actually very popular in the movie industry. It appeared in the film Taxi, in a documentary called Jump London, in the famous series CSI: NY, a series of Nike commercials, a canon 350D commercial, and in one of  David Guetta’s videos. The moves were also used in many Jackie Chan movies, and James Bond Casino Royal, Sebastian Foucoun did most of the stunts for the character James bond chased in the movie.

A very big break through for Parkour in the British media was through a BBC ad called Rush Hour. This portrayed David Belle-one of the founders of Parkour- leaping across London‘s rooftops from his office to home, in an attempt to catch his favorite BBC program.  This ad caught the attention of the viewers especially after knowing that no special were used. Parkour even inspired so many video games like tomb raider legend, Assassin’s creed and many more. Even Madonna used Parkour moves in her confession tour.

My fascination with this movement exceeded my amusement with the moves to reach to an admiration of the way they think and the way they see life. If they can do something that only existed in movies, if they can make jaws drop, if they can overcome huge walls and buildings then… we can overcome some of the smaller obstacles in our life or shall I say staircases?


2 thoughts on “There is no such word as obstacle!

  1. There’s a real passion that comes through in your words. I loved this – both the concept and the way you described it.

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