See Listen & Read Between the Lines

When the recent incident of sectarian violence in Egypt broke, I was impressed by the neutrality of the British media in reporting the story; that is until I read the title of the article published in the in The Daily Telegraph on the 12th of October. The headline: “Islam’s war on the Cross” was wrong on so many levels, as it declared a religious war.

 Coptic Christians went on a peaceful demonstration to protest against the burning of a church in Aswan, only to experience the unexpected. The army, which had acted as the “protector of the people” during the revolution; aggressively attacked the Coptic demonstrators leaving many injured and 26 killed.

If the army happens to be Muslim, that doesn’t mark it a war between Islam and Christianity especially that many Muslims condemn such act. The headline was deceiving as to my surprise the article itself was impartial. Why use a bias headline for unbiased article? As I see it, it was done to grab readers’ attention; I would have expected it from a tabloid newspaper, but not from The Daily Telegraph

In Islam those who burn churches and kill innocent people have breached clear  instructions from Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. In war with enemy, Muslims are prohibited from killing women, children and elderly people, bombing civilian complexes and places of worship, and burning greenery.

  •  “Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.” (Sunan Abu Dawud)
  • “Do not practice treachery or mutilation. Do not uproot or burn palms or cut down fruitful trees. Do not slaughter a sheep or a cow or a camel, except for food.” (Al-Muwatta)
  •  “Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship. (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)
  • “Do not destroy the villages and towns, do not spoil the cultivated fields and gardens, and do not slaughter the cattle.” (Sahih Bukhari; Sunan Abu Dawud)

I find it Ironic when people break Islamic rules, they are labeled as Islamist when in reality they are sinners.

As a Muslim, I am sick and tired of media blaming anything and every wrong act on Islam. There is the good and bad in every nationality, country, religious, and household. If someone does wrong, blame the person not the religion.


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