Leaving Baghdad Premiere

It has been 8 years since the invasion on Iraq and slowly slowly the stories have been rising from the ashes.  “Leaving Baghdad” an independent film that touched the Iraqi subject captured real footage from the time of Saddam and his regime.  The film was premiered at the annual Raindance Film Festival in London on the 5th of October 2011.

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The film depicts a tale of one man who spent his life behind the lens of a camera witnessing many slaughter acts done by the previous Iraqi regime. He takes the viewer with him on a journey of his escape from Baghdad, his way of coming clean, the guilt trip he carries, and his hope of reaching London.

The real footage taken from the Iraqi Memory Foundation was very powerful and thought provoking. Knowing that these images were real and not fabricated movie scenes drained me emotionally.

Koutaiba Al Janabi the director of the film said: “I had the footage for a while but it was impossible for me to see them, so much pain, I cried and cried, but the movie had to be done, people must not forget what happened.”

The editor of the film added: “It was a very difficult journey to try to put the film together, the footage are actually worse than what you saw we had to edit it down, I don’t think people would have been able to stomach it”

The music composition was very dominant and unique; it complimented the film in an excellent way. It was beautifully integrated into the story, and captured the attention of the audience.

As leaving Baghdad continues its journey in Bankok, Ukrain, India, and Doha, I hope to see more movies of that kind ;challenging the viewer, touching emotions, and revealing hidden agendas.  


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