Eid Mubarak From Trafalgar Square

Septmeber, 24, 2011
An Islamic Eid festival supported by Boris Johnson, gives the Muslim community in London confidence to celebrate just few weeks after the 9/11 anniversary. This event brought Muslims and non-Muslims together in the heart of London overcoming religious and cultural differences in the shadows of Islam-phobia. Rafiq from Kashmir said” My family and I are having a great time, I find it very encouraging to have such an event backed by the Mayor himself”

People were free to join in the festivities whether gazing at the acts or visiting the stalls dotted around the square. Kel, a presenter at the show, eagerly stated that the Eid festival was vital in bringing the community together.

The event featured a variety of live performances that demonstrated the diversity of the London Muslim community, ranging from Islamic Nasheeds to hip-hop and Rai music.  Families perched on the stairs watching the shows while others freely danced in the open space amongst others

People attended this event, each forming their own opinions. Lulu a 19 years old student from London ” They do the same thing every year, it’s becoming boring we were expecting something new” While David from America said” It’s my second day in London, it’s amazing to have had the chance to attend and enjoy this festival”

Highlighting the true essence of Eid, the Mayor of London urged the community to get involved in Team London and give back to the community “I am reminded of the teachings of Ramadan which encourage empathy for those less fortunate. Now is the perfect moment to consider getting involved”

Ahmed from Iraq said,” My friends and I have signed up to volunteer, hopefully many others will do so”

As the festival drew to a close, people left with an idea of what Eid was truly about.  Eid may have drawn to a close many will be anticipating next year’s festival.

* The event took place a month after the actual date of Eid- Al Fitr, for logistics reasons “Venue booking, Entertainment..etc”


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